Two years later, in the close of their 568th broadcast as Sam 'n' Henry, they developed Amos 'n' Andy for station WMAQ, in the Chicago Each day News. In August, 1929, they began broadcasting more than the National Broadcasting Company's network, sponsored by a toothpaste company.

All of your Amos 'n' Andy material is written by Correll and Gosden themselves, commonly among nine a. m. and noon. Correll (Andy) operates the typewriter, patek philippe replica although Gosden walks up and down, ordinarily jingling a handful of coins, a peculiarity of his . Both contribute tips. Like composers of music, they mark their manuscript together with the "mood" in which the dialogue is written, like "sad," "gay," "lazy," "peppy." This really is done so that "Bill" Hay, their announcer best patek philippe replicas , can cast his announcement inside the exact same tempo and mood as the rest of the broadcast.

THEY take their function pretty seriously, and, according to eyewitnesses, "live" their characters ahead of the microphone. Correll projects Andy's booming bass voice by speaking close to the microphone. Gosden produces his falsetto about a foot plus a half away from the "mike."

The National Broadcasting Firm pays Correll and Gosden a salary of $100,000 a year for their Amos 'n' Andy broadcasts. A revealing sidelight around the characters from the two men is furnished by the truth that they split this princely sum in three components, paying one particular third to "Bill" Hay, their announcer, for no other explanation than that "he has been with us in the commence."

As that is written, they may be negotiating having a motion picture company for the making of a talkie. It's stated they are going to obtain $250,000 for fifteen weeks' operate.

Exorbitant? Not a little of it patek philippe fakes for sale . Any person who has the capability to make millions pleased is worth all he can get.

But even this, although it explains their universal appeal, doesn't account for their overwhelming recognition. This, not surprisingly, is exactly where the radio comes in. 1 will not have to visit a theater to hear them. All one has to do is usually to be residence in the time they broadcast, turn a dial, and "here they may be." It doesn't cost anything. In the words of my buddy: " You sit in your chair for fifteen minutes, overlook all the things, and just laugh." The obvious outcome is the fact that they may be identified to, and liked by millions, rather than thousands as could possibly be the case had been they well known stage entertainers. When the radio had been invented when Weber and Fields were at the height of their powers, they, also, may have had millions of admirers.

WHO will be the workers of this modern miracle and how do they go about their business of amusing practically a whole nation

Gosden, the Amos in the pair, was born in Richmond, Va. As a result, the Southern dialect comes naturally to him. He's thirty-one years old, married, and includes a twenty-months-old son. Correll, Andy, is actually a Northerner swiss patek philippe replica , a native of Peoria, Ill. He is forty and married.

The males met in Durham, N. C, in 1919, when each had been employed by a Chicago concern that staged plays for amateur dramatic organizations.

They broadcast for the initial time inside the spring of 1925, from station WEBH, Chicago. On January 12, 1926, they went on the air for the initial time as "Sam 'n' Henry," black-face comedians.

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